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The House Tour Committee

The volunteers who bring you the Junior League Holiday House Tour.

Pictured left: The Holiday House Tour Committee of 2019

Front Row: Fonda Loft, Iris Hughes, Annette Hamm, Dianne Brown, Laurie Laba

2nd Row: Roseanne Greco-Venneri, Linda Daniels-Smith, Anne-Louise Watts,          Jinny Day, Kathy North-Ross, Trudie Tumber, Barb Oliver, Chris Lodge, Wendy Powell

Back Row:Vanessa Killinger, Jackie Cracknell, Stacy Frisina-Wismer, Karyn Glibbery


Pictured left (below): The Chairs of the Holiday House Tour Committee. Left to Right: Dianne Brown and Iris Hughes

House Tours (d&I) 2019.JPG
Greetings from Annette Hamm, Honorary Event Chair

”Whether you are new to the tour or have joined us for many years, welcome!  We hope to kindle your holiday spirit with beautiful decorations, a warm greeting and inspiring ideas.  Merry Christmas.


Annette Hamm
CHCH Morning Live

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